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Some of our services can make a difference in your business.


The most important part of financial management is to support the decision-making team to properly plan their moves. Strategy exists in all businesses, regardless of size, and in order to bring the desired results, you need to have accurate information about data and market mapping. Businesses that follow a specific business plan rely on strategy to reach their goals. Businesses that do not have such a plan need an even more specific strategy to maintain a growth path.

Accounting Services

The accounting department of a business is the engine of the vehicle. Recording the financial activity accurately in the books of a company, gives you the correct info and “drags” the management team in the right path. Precise accounting information drives the right strategic decisions, which will make the difference.


Reporting is one of the most important issues in the decision-making process. No businessman, no manager, no consultant and no board of directors can safely make a statement without proper information. Reporting is a fundamental service that can multiply the value of executives.

Public relations

All businesses now operate in a connected world. The position of each company in the market is not always a result of its financial performance. Relationships and personal contacts always play a special role. They can often provide solutions beyond economic models. It is crucial for a business to invest in social matters so all market players know that we are here! Otherwise, it is like no one is interested in our activity and this gradually reduces business value.


Focused on the digital transformation of businesses, we make every effort to automate the process of maintaining and updating accounting books in order to serve our customers immediately and reduce the possibility of human error.


We offer integrated accounting solutions to companies of all sizes, B and C category. We use state-of-the-art technologies and ensure that our partners are always properly informed in order to meet the most specialized requirements.

Cost analysis

The list of companies that apply a cost model in their operation is quite limited. The result of this case is that the management never knows if the pricing policy is correct and consequently every study and every forecast is not based on proven data. Whether you are a trading company or service company, cost analysis is now an absolutely necessary service that requires accuracy and a professional approach.


Labor law is known for its complexity. The solutions we offer are based on specialized software programs and we target at SME’s with up to 20 employees. This number is the limit beyond which the creation of a Human Resource department within the company is deemed as necessary. We work closely with the business to staff this department and oversee the payroll procedures.

Corporate Taxation

Corporate tax planning is now a complex issue that often has to take into account special issues of capital taxation, issues of shareholders’ tax residence, etc. Our clients have access to consulting services of a global network for the optimal tax planning of their business.

Secretarial Support & Tax Office affairs

We undertake the secretarial support of your business in the area of legal documents and the relationship of the business with Public bodies and Authorities.

Formation of Companies

The formation of a company, in addition to the mainstream procedures, requires consulting services during the first steps, which very often prove to be precious in later ammendments or crisis situations.

Networking Services

The position of your business in the wider market is a very critical issue that has to do with both its operation and its overall value. We undertake with a network of our close partners to take care of your public presence, to intervene in marketing matters but also to build relationships and synergies for the future of the business (financing, acquisitions, partnerships, etc.).

Consulting for project financing

Funding a specific project takes a completely different approach than other funding efforts. Our company undertakes to offer possible solutions to this direction provided that certain conditions are met. Each case is unique and there are no ready-made recipes. We deeply analyze the data of a project and try to highlight its metrics in a way to connect all pieces of this puzzle.

Management of digital gov services

The Taxis4U program is targeting at individuals to offer them services for managing their obligations towards Greek authorities at a very discounted price. The service is subscription-based and has an annual cost. It supports a huge range of services with no bureaucracy and involvement in complex procedures. For more information

Planning for business formation

Do you have a great idea? Unfortunately, this is not a sufficient and necessary condition for a successful business. It’s a long way to turn an idea into a viable and profitable business plan. Trust the right people to save time and money in this process.

Services to foreign individuals

This service is addressed to citizens outside the Greek Territory who intend to either invest or move to Greece. It is a one-stop-shop covering the entire range of services that a foreign individual needs in Greece. Special tax regimes are applied if possible.